Saturday, 2 April 2016

Shocking News ! Power Couple Contestant Pratyusha Banerjee Dead, Committed Suicide

Posted by Andy Paul
Television actress Pratyusha Banerjee, known for her role of adult Anandi in the serial Balika Vadhu, allegedly committed suicide in Mumbai on Friday, police said. Pratyusha hanged herself from a fan at her Kandivli residence but was found and taken to the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital where she succumbed.

Police have taken Banerjee's boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh for interrogation and her post mortem report will be released by 4 pm on Saturday. Her body is currently at Sidharth Hospital in Goregaon. The investigation is happening at Bangur Nagar police station in Goregaon.

According to sources within the police, the last person to have visited her house was the laundry man.

However, Singh gave his first statement to the police earlier today, claiming he was the one who took Banerjee's body to the hospital.

Pratyusha and Rahul were Raj and Simran kind of a couple: Delnaaz Irani  (indiatoday talks)

Pratyusha Banerjee's Power Couple co-star Delnaaz Irani says she's completely shocked with the news of the 24-year-old's suicide. She in fact dismissed it as an April Fool's joke, before her phone was inundated with messages from friends and colleagues confirming the tragic news.

Talking to India Today Online over the phone, Delnaaz remembers Pratyusha as a chirpy girl, full of life. She also shares how Rahul and Pratyusha had grand plans for their upcoming lavish wedding in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

"She always sounded like a lovely girl full of life"

I am completely shocked. I have slept at 2 in the night and woke up at 6: 30 in the morning. I have been just quiet and absolutely clueless as to how this happened. We were not like pals or friends as they would say, but my association with her was brief in Power Couple. But I had some really lovely moment spent with her. It was like spending time together, having breakfast or lunch together, spending some precious moments. She always sounded like a lovely girl full of life. 

She would keep asking --Delu didi aap kaise ho

I remember, there was a task in Power Couple where I got deeply injured. She would come to my room, and would keep asking 'Delu didi aap kaise ho'. She was a very loving girl, chirpy and at the same time a very strong-headed woman. I am shocked that itni chhoti bachchi who was such a household name, and a strong girl, would take a step like that. I can't get over it; how can a person like that take such step.

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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Power Couple Episode 26 of 12th March, Grand Finale Part 2

Posted by Andy Paul
Power Couple Grand Finale Part One was Awesome and it was biggest Celebrations among all the Power Couple Contestants. Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan been Part of the Grand Finale Part 1 and now its time for Grand Finale Part 2 on 12th March.

Also it was the Competition among the Top 3 Finalists and Vindu Dina Finally leaves the Power Couple show in Grand Finale. Now only Two Contestants remained into the villa named Naved-Sayeeda and Shawar-Marcela.

Only One Going to be the Winner of Power Couple Among the Top 2 Finalists. All the Power Couple Contestants had Amazing Dance Performances in Grand Finale and Celebrities had gala time with show hosts Arbaaz and Malaika Arora Khan.

Update 12th March: It Was Grand Finale Episode where Power Couple Contestants couples have the Dance On the Floor in Love Songs and It creates amazing Love effects in the Air. Later it was Sizzling Hot Dance Performance with Malaika Arora Khan and Male Contestants of villa.

Later it was the Competition among the Top 2 Finalists couple Shawar-Marcela and Naved-Sayeeda. After the Competition it was Results time when Naved-Sayeeda Lifted the Power Couple Winning Trophy. Congratulations to Naved-Sayeeda for Amazing Journey in Power Couple and Achieving this Great Winning Title in Finale.

Power Couple Winner - Naved and Sayeeda
Power Couple First Runner Up - Shawar and Marcela

Enjoy Power Couple Grand Finale Part 2 of 12th March, Full Episode 26.

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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Power Couple Episode 25 of 6th March 2016, Grand Finale

Posted by Andy Paul
Hello Power Couple Fans, Till now Couple in Villa at Goa had Amazing Power Couple Journey where all the couples Enjoyed with each other and Proved their solid strong love connection by showing their Understanding as well as Physical and Mental Capabilities in Tasks Assigned by Arbaaz Khan. Now Its Time for Grand Finale Episode on 6th March. All the Couples Moved to Mumbai from Goa, where All the Participants Couples are Invited and they had Amazing Dance Performance on the Floor.

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan Welcomed the Celebrities Couple for the Grand Finale and they had Gala time with each other. Later it was the Finale Task among the Top 3 Finalists of Power Couple. Shawar-Marcela, Vindu-Dina and Naved-Sayeeda tried their best to Secure the First Place to Win the Power Couple Title.

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan made it more Difficult for the Contestants in Finale Task and It Was Breathtaking Joined Task for Boys and Girls Couples. Overall it was Biggest Celebration like Never before in any Power Couple Episode. Only One Going to be Power Couple Winner in First Season.

Don't Miss Grand Finale Episode. Power Couple Grand Finale was Super awesome celebration of love and Masti. All the Contestants had Gala time and Lots of Entertainment in the Grand Finale. Enjoy Full Power Couple Episode 25 of Grand Finale

It was Power Couple Grand Finale Part 1, Grand Finale Part 2 will be Aired on 12th March 9 PM, when the Winner Name will be Announced and Also gonna have lots of Entertainment along with it.

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Sony TV Reality Show Power Couple Winner Name, Runners Up

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Sony Television's Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan hosted Power Couple Reality show reached to almost end Journey and show fans started speculations on Power Couple Winner. Who is going to win the Power Couple Reality show is not Revealed yet. Reality show in First Season started getting more and more love from the viewers and now fans excited to make their Favorite Couple as Winner.

10 Celebrities Couples Joined the show and now only  couples remained into the villa. Who will be the Winner Among Those Top5 will be revealed when They prove themselves better compared to each other and scores more 'Bharosa Points' in tasks given by Arbaaz Khan.

After the Eliminations of Salil and Ria from Top 5 Couples Contestants List, Now it makes the List of Top 4 Stronger and Powerful Couple.

On 28th February Episode, Aamir-Sanjeeda Eliminated from the house. Shawar used his Power and took Revenge with Aamir Ali. Finally Only Top 3 Couples left into the villa. Its gonna be Grand Finale on Upcoming Episode of 5th March 2016.

Power Couple Top 3 Contestants Names -

After the Eliminations on each Weekend now only Top 3 Couples remained into the villa. In all them Vindu-Dina gets Entry as Wild Card Contestants and Naved-Sayeeda gets re-entry After Elimination. In total Now 3 Couples Giving Competition to each other.
Top 3 Contestants Shawar-Marcela, Naved-Sayeeda, Vindu-Dina (From Left to Right)
1) Shawer and Marcela
2) Naved and Sayeeda
3) Vindu Dara singh and Dina Umarova

After the Several Eliminations in Power Couple Reality show now show reached to the dangerous points where it become very difficult to pick the best among all the Powerful contestants. Moreover show host Arbaaz Khan bringing various Interesting and More Power packed Tasks to all the couples. Competition among couples getting more and more Tough by each Weekend.

Power Couple Test Requires not only Stronger Love Connection and Understanding but it also requires to have the Physical and Mental Strength to Overcome all the Tough Tests.

Power Couple Winner

Among the Top 3 Power Couple Contestants Navid-Sayeeda Lifted the Winning Trophy in Grand Finale Episode of Power Couple. Many Many Congratulations to This Love Birds for Achieving and Proving Solid Love Connection.
Power Couple Winner, Naved-Sayeeda
Leaked News: Its Been Leaked Earlier to Grand Finale that Naved-Sayeeda are the Winner of Power Couple Reality show.

It Was Biggest Celebrations in Power Couple Grand Finale on 6th March, All the Power Couple Contestants been Part of the Grand Finale and Had Nice Dance Performances. Now Grand Finale Part Two will be Aired on 12th March. Naved-Sayeeda Lifted the Power Couple Trophy and Fans Appreciated them as winner of the show. Congratulations to Winner, First and Second Runners ups.

Power Couple First Runners Up - Shawar-Marcela
Power Couple Second Runners Up - Vindu-Dina

Stay Tuned to Catch the Latest news and Updates on Power Couple 2016 Season, Grand Finale Episode.
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Friday, 4 March 2016

Power Couple Episode 24 of 5th March 2016, Grand Finale

Posted by Andy Paul
Sony Tv Aired Power Couple show Journey reached to very end and now all the show fans are excited for the Grand Finale of Sony TV Aired Reality show Power Couple. Last weekend We Have Seen, Most Favorite Couple Aamir-Sanjeeda Eliminated from the villa and leaves every fans unhappy but after all its Reality show where only one gonna win the Power Couple Title.

Today its Time for the Power Couple Episode on 5th March 2016. Its Grand Finale and is gonna be Grand Episode like Never Before. All the Participants of Power Couple Remained Present and impresses everyone by showing their solid love again with Dance Performances. Its Gonna be few more Tasks and Only one will be Awarded as Winner of Power couple

In Finale Week All the 3 Contestants couples started with their Full of Power and Confidence to Win the Title of Power Couple. Arbaaz Called Boys in Investment room as Girls have to Perform the Task on Moving Pool at Certain Height. It was Difficult Task for Girls to Unlock their Partner. Girls Became Hero and Started to Prove the Inner Strength and Mental. Boys Invested on all their Partners. Vindu Invested 70,000 Bharosa Points Naved Invested 35,000 Bharosa Points, Shawar Invested 50,000 Trust Points on Marcela.

Later Power Couple Test Started For the Girls and Stared and Proved their Best. Later it was the Task named "Lahere Pyaarki". Boys have to Save the Partner on the Ocean who was Floating on the Surface. It was Looking simple but was difficult to Pull Against the Movement of the Water. All Tried their Best and Scored Great. Watch Full Episode Below. Now Couple Test Finale Gonna be Held on Mumbai. Couples left Goa and Landed to Mumbai for Grand Finale Episode.

In today’s episode of the Power Couple, the final kicks off between the three couples. With a role reversal, the women are asked to save the men. The tasks get interesting in the finale week. Power Couple Episode 24 of 5th March, Saturday when Arbaaz Brings solid Toughness for the contestants and make it even more Harder for Top 3 Contestants to Win the Power Couple Title.

Enjoy Power Couple Episode 24 of 5th March 2016.

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